Driven by Nature

Driven by Nature

Mist Jewellery – Driven by Nature

Many thanks to Liucija from Ideasblock for kind and motivational words!

This weekend I got a really inspiring reply from an artist couple from Croatia, who agreed to answer our featured artist interview questions. Valentina Stepan and Zoran Kranjčec are the creators behind the Mist Jewellery brand.

I love the idea of nature being the driving force for the artists in the process of crafting their unique wooden jewellery. It is apparent in the material choice, product photography, branding, and the story behind. Artists combine beautiful textures and colours of wood into balanced jewellery pieces. Triangular shape is persistent among their creations symbolising the harmony in nature with the elements of fire, water and air, as well as the connection that exists between the product, the maker and the user.

Have a look at Mist Jewellery online shop to find out more about the brand and their products. Also, follow their creative journey on Facebook.


Full interview – Ideasblock

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